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Many of these cards were purchased on ebay, some were donated by classmates, and others were shamelessly plagiarized from unsuspecting ebay sellers who were demanding a king's ransom for them.

Cards and other images in this gallery are from the 1960 decade. If you grew up in the Gaylord area during this decade you will fondly remember many of these scenes. A few of the cards couldn't be accurately dated so we put them here because they appeared to be from this era.

Here's how to view them; click on the Thumbnail Panel numbers to select which set of thumbnails that you would like to view, then just click on the thumbnail image and the full-sized image will be displayed below. Postcard descriptions and captions will be displayed at the bottom of the full-sized image. To select a different decade, click on the Postcards icon in the upper right-hand area of the page and select a different one:

  • Postcards 1960's: +A 'Wooden Nickel' from the 1965 Alpenfest
  • Postcards 1960's: +Schlang's Bavarian Inn - 1960's
  • Postcards 1960's: Schlang's Bavarian Inn - 1960's - Card Back
  • Postcards 1960's: +Sea Shell City - Postmarked July 17, 1961
    SEA SHELL CITY - US 27 - Gaylord, Michigan - Treasures of the Sea - Alligator wrestling
  • Postcards 1960's: Sea Shell City - 1961 - Card Back
  • Postcards 1960's: Matchbook from Pop and Mom's Restaurant and Sandwich Shop
  • Postcards 1960's: Snowmobiling In Michigan - Mid 1960's
    The most popular winter sport in Michigan. Several championship records are set in Michigan each year. Miles of forest trails provide fun for everyone.
  • Postcards 1960's: Mom & Pops Matchbook Cover - 1960's
    Okay, so this isn't a postcard, but I had to put it somewhere. An interesting tiny blast-from-the-past.
  • Postcards 1960's: +Schlang's Bavarian Inn - Mid 1960's
    Middle Pane: Left to Right - Nelly Schlang, Minnie Schlang - Unknown
  • Postcards 1960's: +Schlang's Bavarian Inn - Interior - Postmarked July 18, 1965
    Bottom Pane: Left to Right - Bob Schlang, Leo Schlang
  • Postcards 1960's: Chatter Box Restaurant Match Cover - 1960's
    Not a postcard but interesting nonetheless. The Chatter Box had GREAT hamburgers; the buns were buttered then grilled to a golden-brown.
  • Postcards 1960's: Rendezvous Match Cover - 1960's
    Great fries and burgers.
  • Postcards 1960's: Matchbook Cover - Chalet Inn - 1960's
  • Postcards 1960's: Assorted Match Covers - 50's & 60's
    Courtesy of eBay
  • Postcards 1960's: Club Ponytail Matchbook Cover - Mid 60's
  • Postcards 1960's: AuSable Matchbook Cover
  • Postcards 1960's: Central Hotel (Rendezvous) Matchbook Cover
  • Postcards 1960's: Hidden Valley (Otsego Ski Resort) Matchbook Cover
  • Postcards 1960's: Bob & Stan's Gulf Service
  • Postcards 1960's: Schlang's Bavarian Inn Matchbook Cover
  • Postcards 1960's: Call of the Wild
    CALL OF THE WILD - This unusual Museum of Natural History features North American animals and birds in their natural settings. The displays include sound animation and historical information. It is located 58 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge, just off Freeway I-75. So. of the silver-blue water tower, at Gaylord, Michigan - Open All Year
  • Postcards 1960's: Kenmar On The Hill - Matchcover
  • Postcards 1960's: Lapel Pins from Otsego Ski Club and Snow Valley
  • Postcards 1960's: Call of the Wild Interior Display
  • Postcards 1960's: Call of the Wild Entrance
  • Postcards 1960's: Schlang's Bavarian Inn Matchbook - Mit Deutsch!
    Deutsch Americanische Kuche - German American Kitchen
  • Postcards 1960's: Wooden Nickel - First Alpenfest 1965
  • Postcards 1960's: Call of the Wild Gift Shop
  • Postcards 1960's: Early Sixties - Aerial photo of the "New" I-75 Freeway
  • Postcards 1960's: Aerial Photo of the City Before I-75 was Built - About 1960
    AERIAL VIEW - Gaylord, Michigan - The county seat of Otsego County, located on highways US-27 and M-32, and the N.Y.C. Railroad. With more than 100 lakes and the Black, Sturgeon, Pigeon, Au Sable and Mainistee Rivers - the five noted trout streams - nearby, Gaylord is a popular gathering place for vacationists. Winter sports are also popular here. Gaylord is the highest point in the Lower Peninsula.
  • Postcards 1960's: Murray's Marathon Service - I-75 and Old 27
    MURRAY'S SERVICE - I-75 and Old 27 - Gaylord, Mich. 49735 - "Go Worry Free, Travel Guaranteed. Go to Murray's Marathon, Get what you need." Rest Stop. Refreshment Center and Clean Rest Rooms. Sno-King Sales and Service. TRAILER SANITATION SERVICE. Your Marathon Men - Bob & Bill Murray - Phone 517-732-9962
  • Postcards 1960's: Chalet Motor Lodge
  • Postcards 1960's: Schreur Chevrolet
  • Postcards 1960's: Mary's Tavern
  • Postcards 1960's: Bob & Stan's Gulf Matchbook
  • Postcards 1960's: The 45th Parallel Sign on US-27 North
    That's a 1959 Ford in the background on the right!
  • Postcards 1960's: Gaylord Snowfall - Postmarked August 26, 1965
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