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Jan White
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  • Jan White: 1953 - Kindergarden
  • Jan White: 1961 -  Eighth Grade
  • Jan White: 1962 - Ninth Grade
  • Jan White: 1963 - Tenth Grade
  • Jan White: 1964 - Eleventh Grade
  • Jan White: 1985
  • Jan White: 1990
  • Jan White: 1995
  • Jan White: 1998 - Family
  • Jan White: 2000
  • Jan White: 2005
  • Jan White: 2010
  • Jan White: Traditional Coffee Cup Transfer
    Traditional Coffee Cup Transfer - At the first class reunion in 1975 I was living and working in Escanaba. Herb was living in Lansing and invited me to stay with him at his uncle's cottage in Gaylord. On Sunday morning I found some coffee and made a cup to take with me on the way to the reunion picnic. I forgot to return it and I brought it back with me to Escanaba. At the next reunion, in 1985, I carted the cup back to return to Herb. Since then, we have exchanged the cup at each reunion. It still contains coffee residue (among other nasty looking things) from its first use. We are both prohibited from washing it while in our possession (although there have been a couple of close-calls involving wives and mothers). Herb will get it back on the 50th reunion in 2015. Update 2015: Herb didn't attend the 2015 reunion so I shipped it to him in Lansing so he can return it to me at the next gathering. Update 2021: Herb passed away from COVID-19 on January 16, 2021 with the fate of the cup unknown.
  • Jan White: 2015
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